Selection Criteria and Exclusions


Honorees Shall:

  • Have exemplified above average volunteer or philanthropic dedication to the Prince George Community.
  • Have provided volunteer service for a minimum of three years (not necessarily with the same volunteer organization).
  • Not have received any remuneration for the volunteer activity for which the award is being proposed OR;
  • Have voluntarily performed duties related to their paid employment significantly beyond what is expected of a person holding that paid position.
  • Have signed a waiver stating that they are willing to have their names and information about to their volunteer or philanthropic work published and made public.
  • Agree to participate in events and publicity related to the Citizens of the Year Event and agree to undergoing a criminal record check (at the expense of the Community Foundation).
  • All citizens of Prince George are eligible except the Directors and their immediate families.
  • In the event that a Citizens of the Year Committee member or volunteer on other special events committees is chosen to be recognized as a Citizens of the Year honoree and desires to accept the award, the volunteer will be asked to step down from the committee.
  • A person cannot be selected or must withdraw his/her name he/she is running for public office in the year of the nomination.