Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for the Prince George Community Foundation is committed to be responsive and accountable to their donors, their grantees and their community.

The Board is responsible to set policies and practices that reflect clearly articulated values, vision and missions, which in turn inspire trust and stress fairness, flexibility and inclusiveness. The Board reviews these goals annually.

The Board seeks to reflect the diversity of our community in the membership our Board and the committees that support the Board's work.

The Board maintains their autonomy from governments, corporations, individuals, and associations.

The Board and the Investment Committee have expertise in financial management and follow prudent investment practices and strategies.

The Board works with the Grants Committee to establish an effective and imaginative grants program. The Grants Committee reviews all grant application and makes recommendation to the Board who make the final decisions.

The Foundation is committed to open and transparent governance and is happy to share further information upon request.


Board of Directors

Honorary Members

Life Members

Alain LeFebvre – President  John Backhouse  Dr. Jack McKenzie
Teresa Saunders - Past President  Don Bassermann  Dr. Lance Morgan
Lorne A.J. Dunn - Secretary  Brian R. Brownridge  Noreen Rustad
Dennis Callaghan – Treasurer  Bev Christensen  Jan Christiansen-    Founder
Alyson Gourley-Cramer  Ron East  Leonard Zirnhelt
Darrell Hubbell  Dr. Charles Jago  George Paul-Founder
Todd Whitcombe  Collin Kinsley  Tom Steadman -Founder
Marleen Morris   Elizabeth MacRitchie  Ron East -Founder
Kathy Nadalin  Henry Novak  Murry Krause-Founder
Tim Tribe  Dick Voneugen  
Catherine Pennington  Jim Imrich  
Meredith Burmaster  Henry Reiser  
Mayor Lyn Hall  Daniel Weeks  
Edel Toner-Rogala  Les Waldie  
Philip Foucher  Lorraine Grant  
  Judy Jackson