Why choose the Prince George Community Foundation?

The Prince George Community Foundation provides donors with the opportunity to make charitable contributions to support the Prince George community in an area that is of interest to them. Whether this be a specific area of interest, a registered charity, or in memory of a loved one, the Prince George Community Foundation works with all donors to help satisfy their philanthropic goals. 

Benefits include: 

Recognition and Participation

An endowment fund created in a donor's name becomes a permanent legacy that will be celebrated forever. The degree of participation by the donor and their family is flexible.


Fund holders can direct their support to particular charities or leave those decisions to the Prince George Community Foundation, which is skilled in identifying and evaluating granting needs and opportunities.

Community Impact and Leadership

The Prince George Community Foundation will help donors target their dollars toward projects that meet the community's most pressing challenges and opportunities. We believe that by strengthening the gifts, assets and capabilities of community organizations, we strengthen our community as a whole. The Foundation works with other organizations, funding agencies, citizens and government to identify and address community issues.

Convenience and Simplicity

  • Simple and effective solutions to reach philanthropic goals
  • Rapidity in creating and executing funds
  • All administrative services, including accounting, auditing, financial management, due diligence, grant making and receipting are covered by the Foundation– ever mindful of donor goals;

Flexibility and Choice 

  • Donors may offer advice on every grant made from their fund, or entrust decisions to the foundation staff and Board 
  • The Foundation connects donors with charitable organizations that correspond to clients' interests;

Tax Advantage

  • As a public charity, the Foundation benefits from maximum tax deductions and other advantages not available to private foundations
  • Upon making a gift, each donor receives an immediate and maximum allowable tax deduction.

Professional Management

  • Every asset invested with the Foundation is professionally managed according to the Foundation’s statement of Investment Guidelines and objectives established by its Board
  • Each fund benefits from being invested with the assets of all other Funds, resulting in lower management fees, greater investment diversification and minimized investment risks.

Public Accountability

  • To ensure the quality and security of our operations, an independent certified audit is performed annually
  • The Foundation publicizes its work in an annual report available to the public through our website.

Optional Recognition

  • Donors may choose complete anonymity of full recognition for their grants.

Philanthropic Assurance

  • Should the intended beneficiaries of a fund become obsolete; the Foundation will redirect the gift to charities with similar goals at the request of the donors.